Live-Top RV creates homely comfort wherever you go

Every outdoorsy person loves a good RV but the major problem with most campers and trailers currently on offer in the market today is that none of them offer users a chance to interact with the surroundings as much. Since most RVs are designed to serve as a home on the road that can offer protection against the elements, they tend to ignore the fact that once parked, the RV is in fact a real home for a camper and should be able to offer the comfort of a cozy home while allowing users to enjoy the views around the campsite without feeling like they are sitting in the middle of nowhere. The Live-Top RV Concept by designer Danilo De Roberto presents itself as a novel recreational vehicle that allows users to make the best of both worlds.


The Live-Top RV Concept comes with a flexible roof that doubles up as a patio when the camper is parked. This protects the users from the elements and allows them to soak in the view of the surroundings even when the weather outside is less than conducive for traditional camping. The roof of the Live-Top RV Concept also comes with a lot of different multipurpose components that can be assembled and dissembled to provide a range of leisure and recreational activities. These components can be used to fashion picnic tables and chairs as well as additional places of rest when they are not being used as part of the patio set on the roof.

The roof of this RV is designed with a special perforated design that allows rainwater to be collected and harvested which can then be used to supply the RV with freshwater that can be used in the washrooms or filtered and used for cooking or drinking as well.

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