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Little Sun, solar powered LED lamp to illuminate the third world

For millions of people in the developing and underdeveloped countries the only source of light is the Sun and once the Sun sets in the west their lives become dark. Inspired by the Sun and it’s never ending desire to give light to people, Iceland based light installation artist Olafur Eliasson has come up with a very innovative idea wherein he has developed solar powered lights in the shape of little sun. Eliassan presented these little suns in the World Economic Forum at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia recently. Olafur collaborated with engineer Frederik Ottesen to create Little Sun and illuminate lives of people who live off grid.

Little Sun: Solar powered light

The lights have been designed in bright yellow color and in the shape of a sunflower and Eliasson has very aptly named them ‘Little Sun’. The lights uses LED technology and uses sunlight through a 6 x 6 cm mono-crystalline solar module. The little suns are capable of providing light for full five hours after charging them for four hours. The strength of these solar lights lies in their design as they can be used as torch, table lamp and a lantern or even as a front light on a bicycle. The lights can be hung in the house easily and can perfectly fit into the role of bulbs and CFL lights. The lights are quite sturdy and are expected to work without any problems for as long as three years.

Olafur describes his new innovation as a piece of art which is not restricted to poor people and can also be used by normal users for its artistic value and sustainable approach. The solar powered light will be launched shortly at the Tate Modern Museum in London during the festival preceding Olympics in July, 2012.

Via: Gizmag

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