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Little Slide Dress, a modern rendition of the classic LBD

The little black dress or LBD, as it is fondly called, has been ruling the hearts of fashion conscious souls from decades at a stretch. What was made to exist as a versatile, sexy and elegant clothing item has gained immense popularity, making it the most coveted and essential piece of clothing one must own. Combining the essence of modern technology and the magic of films with the little black dress is designer Emily Steel, who has come up with the stunning Little Slide Dress.

Little Slide Dress

The very modern dress has fetched heavy inspiration from classic movies, which resulted in a hip and happening rendition. It makes wearable technology a reality yet again and is nothing less than a piece of fine art. The sexy dress has been fashioned out of slide film images, which gives it the much required flavor of film images. But, the real magic unfolds when the lights are put out. The dress comes embedded with LEDs, which make it shimmer like a star and will definitely manage to make onlookers whiff wows.

Little Slide Dress

The LEDs in the dress are not always on. Their functioning is decided by an Arduino Lilypad, which has been connected to the light sensor. This will control the intensity of light that will be produced by the LEDs as the sensor carefully assesses the presence of ambient light at a particular place. In full light, the dress will look like a black glossy creation. But, all the images on the dress surface, when the sensor determines the low brightness, makes the Little Slide Dress whimsical. Whether you feel like dressing up or dressing down, the Little Slide Dress will make you look like a superstar as you glow in the dark.

[Cheers Emily]

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