Literati roll case for Blackberry Playbook inspired by Chinese manuscripts

Blackberry Playbook has managed to infect people with its simple looks and user friendly features. Keeping the stylish and simple streak of the playbook in mind, Goods of desire or G.O.D has come up with an outer case named Literati. The company from Hong Kong tightly embraces traditional practices and tries to incorporate them in modern designs.

Literati Roll Case

The design has been heavily stirred from the manuscripts of ancient China, when strips of bamboo were used to carve letters. These bamboo strips were held together with the help of a string, which made it possible to coil the manuscript. The same designing principle has been used in making G.O.D’s roll case for Blackberry Playbook.

The design comprises of individual strips that can be easily rolled up just like the manuscripts. The case can double as a stand, which will make it easy for the user to type and use the Playbook. Simply, roll it till the back and place it on any surface you want to. The tilt of the attention arresting gadget can be easily adjusted when the stand is used, which makes it easy to type and watch videos/movies.

Literati roll case is very practical and will prevent the tablet from all kinds of damages and shocks. The production models will be crafted from high coated plastic, unlike its bamboo prototypes, and will be available in two colors: black and white. But sadly, the case can’t be used to protect other tablets like iPad and has been exclusively made for Blackberry Playbook.

Via: Technabob/ Designboom

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