Lisboa Bike promises riders a spiritual experience

Lisboa Bike

The humble bicycle is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the personal mobility revolution that stormed the world more than a century ago. The simple two-wheeler has since been reinvented countless times with each successive transformation promising to deliver a more enhanced performance than the last model. But we have rarely seen a bike being inspired by the spirituality of a whole city. Yes, you read that right, we finally have a bicycle design that draws on the spiritual under-culture of a city and draws liberally from the principles preached by ancient world cultures to add a layer of dynamism to its form. The Lisboa Bicycle concept by Portuguese designer Pedro Machado pays tribute to the vibrant European city and uses its zest for life as an inspiration for the form of the bicycle.

Using key elements of Portuguese lifestyle that are highlighted in the attitude of the people living in the country’s capital, the bicycle is made to provide balance, movement and dynamism to the rider with a strikingly futuristic design that mates the centuries old civilization with a futuristic outlook. Since Lisbon is seen as a symbol for renewal of life by the locals, the Lisboa Bicycle itself becomes a sign for the vitality of the people of the city.

The organically-designed bicycle sits pretty on an aluminum chassis that is crafted to withstand the pressures of performing on urban streets. The extra wide frame is a striking contrast to the sleeker constructions currently in vogue and looks to serve as a safety mechanism that can protect riders from environmental incidentals such as pebbles and insects.

The organically-crafted bike also features specially-designed wheels that are painted to look like the Yin-Yang symbol which represents the balance of masculine and feminine energies in the world and hence is the symbol for everything that exists in the universe. The symbol also reflects the universality of the bike’s design and the fact that the simple creation has in its own way contributed to creating a level of equality between men and women and people belonging to different classes.

[Cheers Pedro]

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