Linked hybrid: Convenient and sustainable living

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The Linked Hybrid which is currently being constructed in Beijing, China gives integrated living an all new dimension. This project, courtesy Steven Voll Architects, is basically an all in one life space that has 622 apartments, with almost all the amenities that it’s dwellers will need. You can work, play and even get some entertainment in the Linked Hybrid’s 8 towers which forms the main part of it’s structure. This is due to the fact that it has office spaces, galleries, cinemas, etc, all enclosed within the Linked Hybrid. Little kids too can stay very close to home as this life-space will even have kindergartens. Other features include gardens, gyms, cafes, libraries and sports parks. The entire system is linked together by a combination of bridges which will make accessing all these amenities very convenient.

Coming to the Linked Hybrid’s planet friendliness, the entire structure is designed to be sustainable with plenty of greenery all around. The Linked Hybrid has a recycling plant which will recycle gray water.Your heating and cooling needs will be taken care of by the Linked Hybrid’s geo-thermal system. These measures will definitely reduce energy consumption and will make the Linked Hybrid a project very worthy of emulation in other places as well. By the way, the Linked Hybrid will be ready for occupation in August, 2008.

Via: platformaarquitectura

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