Link modular carrying system boosts cargo carrying capacities of bicycles

With concerns for global warming and reducing carbon footprints making it into people’s New Year’s resolutions, bicycles and electric scooters are increasingly becoming the most popular modes of transportation for the plant conscious folks. However, one of the major deterrents that prevent people from switching over from their gas guzzling two wheelers is the fact that electric scooters and bicycles still don’t allow people to carry a lot of cargo. The Link modular carrying system by industrial designer Jona Rammler addresses this problem and makes it possible for people to carry increasing loads without giving up their bicycles.

Link modular carrying system

The Link modular carrying system is composed of a frame for the bicycle, a trolley and an extractable case that allows people to easily carry and pull a lot of cargo with minimal effort. The flexible system easily links to the bicycle and connects people’s way sections into one continuous flow. To attach the Link modular carrying system to the bicycle, users simply have to install the frame to the bike and then attach the trolley to the frame with a single click.
To separate the trolley from the bike, a simple hand gear can be pressed. In case the user needs to use the Link modular carrying system to carry increased loads, they can simply unfold a textile cover between the hardcovers and increase the available volume on the cargo carrier.

Source: Jona Rammler

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