Let Lil Kirk take ‘charge’ of your slick iPhone

Technology is like a fish, the longer it stays on the shelf, the less attractive it becomes. Knowing the fact, Apple always keeps the market curious for its new innovations by either launching novel “i” products or updating already launched series. With every new apple product comes the gust of new docks. “Lil Kirk” is a similar iPhone dock by Mike Kemery that has been designed to meet the desires of Apple loyalists.

Speakerphone Mate

The elegantly designed Lil Kirk dock is perfect to complement your Apple asset. It is a lightweight portable iPhone charging dock that securely holds your iPhone as well. Its flawless outline and smooth looks are its plus points. It is USB rechargeable and amplifies speaker output up to around 10db. It also amplifies microphone input. The dock looks quite robust with aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel craft. The dock is perfect for speaker phone as well as Facetime calling. the product will be available in three colors namely, red, black and silver.

Protective non-slip rubber pads at the base, stainless steel kickstands with protective non slip rubber caps, integrated USB charging cable and machined aluminum highlight the details that have been kept in mind while designing the dock. Now why to compromise with any wobbly, ugly dock for your precious iPhone when a masterwork packed with functionality, style and stability will be available to enhance the beauty of Apple family!

Via: Kickstarter

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