LightPad G1 Bluetooth Dock features built-in Pico Projector

Don’t be glitched up and consider the product to be a fine-grained, lighter version of iPad. Although the new LightPad G1 looks quite a close companion to users’ sleek portable computing solutions, there’s still a lot more under the hood. The new LightPad G1 Bluetooth Dock has finally been announced for adding enhanced usability to one’s smartphone.


Displayed during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the innovative dock endows users with a unique, enriched experience. Whilst there are certain tablets that punch the clock with an accompanying dock, the new LightPad G1 revamps ‘working on a notebook’ with a feel of a smartphone. Enclosed in a slim, compact form factor, the device enables users to listen to their euphonious tunes with clarity probably never heard before.

What’s more, Pico projector technology has been integrated for transferring image from a mobile device onto the screen. For a clear viewing experience, the screen measures 11-inches with projector’s innards included behind. However, users will also be enabled to use other equivalent surfaces as a projector’s display to trot out images of up to 60-inch in size.

Given that LightPad G1 mounts to a QWERTY keyboard, users will find it effortless to type long documents on their device. Integrated with resolution that reaches up to 854 x 480 pixels, the Bluetooth dock further boasts of its energy efficiency configuration for an optimum user experience. The LightPad supports BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating system platforms as well.

The new LightPad G1, which is super light and can be seamlessly folded, is yet to receive an official word on its price point. Nevertheless, the productive pad is anticipated to be made available somewhere in the second quarter of 2012. For those who are already looking forward to get their hands on G1, the upcoming next generation LightPad G2 should whip up furthermore.

Source: Engadget

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