Lightning Storm: Super Soaker with the largest water drum

The latest from Hasbro under the Nerf brand of Super Soaker toys is the Lightning Storm, an upgrade to the motorized water blaster released last year, the Thunderstorm. The Lightning Storm comes with a super sized water drum reservoir with capacity of about 35 oz. Additional water clips are available to increase the capacity of the already large drum. If that is still not sufficient, the water canisters of Thunderstorm can be attached to this blaster too.

Lightning Storm Super Soaker

The other accessories are a detachable transparent shield for protection from incoming water blasts. A detachable shoulder stock has been provided to balance the gun when the drum is loaded, without it the blaster tends to dip forward. The shoulder stock and shield are compatible with other NERF guns as well. The water drum is also compatible with Thunderstorms, but at present is not sold separately.

Built on the same framework as the Thunderstorm, the gun features a small nozzle for thin streams and shooting range of up to 25 feet. Designed for easier refilling and mounting, the drum is supposed to produce enough water blasts continuously for at least a minute. The motor works on 4 AA batteries and is activated on the pull of a trigger. The motor is noisy when activated robbing the surprise factor.

With a good grip and trigger, the blaster is well built and intimidating to look. It comes in white and dark blue colors, with drum and detailing in orange shade. Avid super soaker users however have noted the drop in power, potency and performance from the much smaller Electrostorm and have rated it similar in performance with the Thunderstorm giving it a thumbs-up for the increased water storage reservoir. The style, sturdiness and accessories that come typically with the NERF brand are a plus.

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