Lightning-powered Yog concept vehicle is a thunderstorm in itself

yog 06

Developed by Indian designer Arun Thomas, the “Yog” is a futuristic vehicle that harnesses lightning to provide sustainable commutation without compromising on power. Powered by artificial thunderstorms created in a closed system that converts lightning into electricity, the vehicle concept moves with the forward thrust produced by a simple tuned-up aircraft engine with an electrically driven propeller. Steered with a skid steer mechanism, the Yog locates the battery, which juices up after receiving electric energy from the power source, neatly within the vehicle.

Running on wheels made of an elastic wheel hub and an elastic rubber, freely connected to the hub enclosed by elastic composite materials, the three-wheeler uses air and magnetic repulsion power to define its shape. The form, together with its name, of the vehicle is derived from yoga, a path to join the individual self with the Divine, Universal Spirit through Physical and mental exercises, which reflects Indian values.

yog 02
yog 01
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Via: MichelinChallengeDesign

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