Light o’clock replaces classic hands with light beams to display time

light oclock 02
Lighting and wall clocks (individually) have always been an integral part of home decoration. Blending lights with a wall clock, designer Alex. Onoiu has devised an innovative timepiece that replaces the classic hands with the light beams to display time. Hailed as “Light o’clock,” the wall clock project beams, thinner and smaller one for hour and longer and wider one for minute, on the wall at the rear of the clock, giving a new dimension to the classic piece of home decoration. In addition, the radical timepiece incorporates two LEDs and a basic clock mechanism, ensuring low energy consumption. The Light o’clock comes in multiple styles, glosses and colors to meet the needs and decor of numerous places such as clubs, pubs, homes, shops and so on.

light oclock 03
light oclock 04
light oclock 05
light oclock 01

[Cheers Alex]

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