Light and Armchair: Light that unfolds to become an armchair

light and armchair 01

With city homes turning into small apartments, due to rapid growth in urban populations, the need for compact or multifunctional products, to make the most of the least available space, has been on the high. Taking on the problem, American designer Ufulie has devised a functional LED light called “Light and Armchair” that as indicated by its name unfolds to become an armchair. In addition, the functional object provides space to store your books, magazines and other small objects at the back of the chair. You may turn the light on, unfold the chair and enjoy your reading in a comfortable posture. The Light and Armchair integrates wheels at the base so it could be moved in a corner with little effort when not in use.

light and armchair 04
light and armchair 03
light and armchair 02
light and armchair 05

Via: Led-emotionalize

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