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Lifesize replica of Noah’s Ark built by billionaire brothers is over 450ft long

Ancient texts are full of descriptions of incredible buildings and ships and vessels and even flying crafts that are often seen as the predecessors of modern inventions, though a few conspiracy theorists claim that aliens were behind the creations described in those texts. Whatever may be the origin of these concepts, the Noah’s Ark is one of the most widely known vessels from one of the most popular books on the planet and the concept has now been brought to life in a spectacular fashion by Hong Kong-based billionaire brothers Walter and Raymond Thomas. The Noah’s Ark Theme Park overlooks the Tsing Ma Bridge in the Asian city and the life-size replica comes is one of the most authentic replicas of the biblical vessel, with addition of the fine dining restaurant, the luxurious bedrooms and the double glazed windows of course.

450ft long life-size replica of Noah's Ark

Standing at a massive 450 feet long and 75 feet wide, the replica comes complete with 67 pairs of animals fashioned out of fiberglass placed carefully at the land-bound Ark’s entrance. In the Bible tale, Noah built an ark to house a pair of all the creatures in the world so that they may survive the Great Flood, though its modern version was inspired by a drawing of the mammoth biblical boat by a young girl.

The creationist-themed vessel was then commissioned by the billionaire brothers who wanted to give something back to the community and came across the girl’s drawing and commissioned architects to bring it to life. Built in 2009, the Noah’s Ark theme park also boasts of hotel-style luxurious rooms and other on-board attractions like exotic real-life animals and a fine dining restaurant. Completed 17 years after its inception, the park was donated to Christian organizations by the brothers who now use it to spread the message of unity and peace to the community.

Via: Daily Mail

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