LIFElink Emergency Shelter also provides an emotional haven to victims

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No matter how prepared we are, a calamity- natural or man made- always leaves its victims in extreme distress. To provide those affected by a particular event- floods, fire, and tornado etc- with a proper and effective emergency home that not only acts as a physical shelter but also an emotional haven, designer Jordan Cleland has created the LIFElink Emergency Shelter.

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Thanks to a ‘self skinning’ foam shell which expands once the packaging is opened, each small unit in the shelter can house two person at a time and can be zipped to another creating larger structures that can accommodate up to 12 people at a time.

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By helping friends and families stay together in a time of emergency, the shelter allows people to retain a sense of community and security. A covered sun room can also be created between the shelters to provide heat to the shelter as well as to light along the transparent back entry.

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Since the foam used in the shelter is highly compressible and can be vacuum packaged flat, more units of the LIFElink Emergency Shelter can be stored and distributed by emergency workers when the need arises.

(Thanks Jordan)

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