LIFELINK assures safety during water rafting

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Water rafting is by no doubt one of the most adventurous sports, but it is accompanied with risk, dangers and accidents that leave sense of insecurity to both the guide and the guests. Because of lack of safety communication between the guides and base camp/ emergency services, water rafting at times can be a risk to life too. Keeping the safety a primary issue, LIFELINK is a safety communication device that helps to make a communication link between raft guides, base camp and emergency services. It is based on three initial concepts that communicates guide with the guests. LIFELINK is worn on the chest region of the Raft Guide’s lifejacket making it in reach of each one.

Using GPS and based on the idea of ‘safety in numbers’, this device keeps a limit on how far rafts can stray from one another during group trips. Thanks to the VHF radio waves, that keeps the guide and guests verbally versed with each other throughout the camp. The ALERT feature keeps all the guides in surrounding alert in case of some accident or distress. Just a button a go, and co-ordination with the group of rafts gets instant, and sends the command to all the guide devices as well. In addition, a button on the rear of the device automatically connects to the base camp and emergency services.

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