Life Light: A futuristic, GPS enabled device for disaster struck areas


Abundant light can prove to be of great advantage in disaster struck areas. However, when natural calamities, like earthquakes, floods, tycoons, etc. turn everything into rubble, even electric supply is cut-off. This can lead to a lot of inconvenience when dusk sets in. Now just to make sure that the situation doesn’t turn all the more ugly, designer Xi Zheng has conceived the Life Light.

The solar powered product which acts as a source of illumination will be of aid during rescue operations. The lightweight product can be easily carried on the shoulders. It can be made to stand on the ground effortlessly. Once it’s in place, open the top lid that will help you fill the balloon with helium gas present in a tank. The balloon will rise in the air and will be positioned at a height of 4 meters. The tool comes fitted with LED lights in four colors, which will solve various purposes. Red LED light will be used when stuck in a dangerous area. If victims are gathered at a particular place, this will be indicated with the help of blue LED light. Places for assistance facilities will use green light while yellow will be used for places that are safe and sound.

The control panel has switches that can be used to change the color of lights. It also has a built-in GPS system to send signals and coordinate with relief units. Moreover, the Life Light has been fitted with a hand-cranked power generation components, which will help the balloon illuminate if someday it gets cloudy and there is no sunlight available. With so many features, Life Light will act as a true savior in hours of need.

[Cheers Xi Zheng]

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