LG Traveler phone for better connectivity when on the move

lg traveler concept phone 5

Presented in the LG cell phone competition, Design the Future, Andrew Zheng’s “LG Traveler phone” deserves all the appreciation despite the fact that it lost in the final competition. This uniquely designed hexagonal-shaped handset is overloaded with a wide range of exciting features. The unit comes with touchscreen application. It slides to open up its physical keypad offering you dual advantages. The stylish set is well protected with a rubber coated grip at the two sides also allowing you to hold it tightly while you transfer data with the same model using its Bluetooth Instant Media Share feature. A distinguishing feature that makes you hold your breath is its built-in portable USB flash drive that allows you to connect your PC and phone anywhere when on the move.

Also, the “ready to go” folder facilitates your connectivity with Bluetooth connected partners. For poor memory users, the traveler offers GPS hotspot application that lets you save the important locations at a click of a button which can later be relocated, for instance to remind you of the location of your favorite cake shop. All set to win the race with the contemporary handsets, LG Traveler also features picture cropping, LED caller display to show the caller or time for unattended calls and a 5-megapixel camera at its back, that makes it a wholesome package suiting your style and needs.

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lg traveler concept phone 6
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Via: Concept-phones

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