LG Tag cellphone makes your life simple while making a statement

lg tag mobile phone

People often buy expensive mobile phones but hardly use them to take photos, play games, surf the net or check the stock market, for they have other devices that do these things better. Maintaining the basic function of the cellphone, Speed Studio Design has popped up a mobile phone concept called the “LG Tag” that clips to the ear for ultimate portability and nearly hands-free use. Featuring a simple touchscreen to navigate the menus by scrolling and tapping, the wearable cellphone can also handle complex tasks, such as data entry, by connecting to a PC wirelessly or other mobile device using a proprietary website. In addition, users can link it to their favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Drawing its shape from the circular geometry of the LG logo, the LG Tag removes all external buttons for a simple round touchscreen up front. While on the other hand, the rear side presents a speaker surface with LG logo at the center enclosed by the serpentine earpiece. In short, the LG Tag cellphone is for those who want to make their life simple while making a bold style statement.

lg tag mobile phone
lg tag mobile phone

Via: Speed Studio Design

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