LG giving out the LU2700S Braille Mobiles for free

This is truly a very compassionate design and certainly one with a definitive cause. The LG LU2700S phone launched recently is otherwise quite an ordinary handset, if it did not have these special set of features. The mobile can help out blind people. The phone’s controls can be managed via a voice command system.

LU2700S Braille Mobile Phone

Hence, there will be no need to look at the screen and punch in the numbers. One has to simply utter out loud what they need to do and the phone will automatically implement the task for you. Blind people will be able to make calls and send text messages using simple voice commands. In fact, they can also listen to music on the MP3 player and click snaps by giving out oral commands.

Moreover, blind people will not need anyone’s help to learn how the phone functions. The manual of the LG LU2700S model is printed in braille. So, they can read and understand themselves how to operate the phone. Adding to the empathetic design of the phone is a benevolent gesture by LG to give out quite a few of these handsets for free. The company is not planning to sell these phones right now but will be donating them to people who are in need of such electronic appliances. About 200 of these handsets will be given out gratis by LG.

Via: Gadgetizor

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