Levitatr Retractable Keyboard for touch-enabled mobile devices

Levitatr Bluetooth Keyboard

For the people whose life involves spending a better part of the day working out their fingers over a keyboard, this stupendous new gizmo would make a lot of sense. Designed to eliminate the possibility of pesky food bits and dust getting in between the keys of a regular keyboard, this retractable version comes with a special push-button mechanism which uses a precision-machined aluminum chassis to pop the keys in and out.

Designed by an American James Stumpf, the “Levitatr” Bluetooth keyboard is currently in the prototype stage, but it promises a whole lot of added functionality to people who need a keypad to use with their touch-enabled Apple and tablet devices. The flat-surface device is geared to transform into a tactile keyboard with a single push of a button. When in use, the backlit keys rise from their resting position and serve as a regular keyboard. When not in use, the keys can be popped back in with the same button.

The device uses low-profile scissors switches to make the keys elevate and retract and the keyboard which comes with Bluetooth connectivity, as well as five hot keys that make it instantly compatible with an iPad. The 12.5mm thick Levitatr retractable keyboard comes with injection-molded polycarbonate key caps. A kickstand that can be tilted to a 20 to 30-degree angle, is fashioned out of aluminum and is also built right into the shell of the ‘Levitatr’ and serves as a dock for the devices that serve as a monitor. When not in use, this stand can be magnetically attached to the keyboard.

Powered by 4 AAA batts, the Levitatr is compatible with a range of Apple devices as well as Samsung Galaxy Tab and the HP touchpad. Though we’re sure the makers of these devices spent a fortune on developing technology that enabled these gizmos to run without a keypad, but in case you miss the familiar clicking sounds that a regular keyboard makes, this retractable one would make a pretty good buy.

Via: TechnaBob

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