Can i get a – level Product Design Project ideas?

Soon i am starting my first project for a level Product Design. I can’t think what to make, so I am looking for some suggestions, preferably something for the home, as whatever which is more beneficial. I am planning for different forms of cabinets / storage units. But if you guys can think of something better, please suggest. Thanks in advance.

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  1. There is a magazine known core77 and there is website by the same name too. It discusses about every business and product designing ideas. It also discusses about the aspects that include the company’s finance, its economy, ideas and most efficient resources. Including both human and machine labors. There are discussions about the award winning products such as the ‘split head hammer’, Bosch machinery from the Italian engineers. There are printing machines both single and multiple colors known as the ‘Heidelberg’ from Berlin, Germany. These all ideas will give you unique way of thinking for your designs. As they say experience makes you practice perfection. Doing these things again and again will mark your success a new beginning. So, why do you think you have reason to wait now. I’d recommend yo9u to go on with these business development magazines and have few ideas from there. I’m sure that will be helpful. Thank you.

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