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LEGO Land Rover will bring out the child in you

As kids, colorful LEGO blocks could really trigger imagination and spending hours at a stretch to form something was nothing to get surprised about. But if you thought that LEGO blocks just caught the fancy of children, then here is the Land Rover Defender 110 to prove you wrong. The homemade Land Rover, when photographed and presented, looks real with all details intact. Created by Sheepo, it is not just a toy but a staggering creation in itself.

Land Rover made using LEGO

The toy car weighs a little more than three pounds and measures 52 x 22 x 23 cm, which means it is not as small as you thought it is. Bringing the creation to life took a good 2800 blocks, mostly in the colors black and gray. This is not it, as the LEGO Land Rover can move around on its wheels when controlled with a remote.

It has been fitted with a functional rack, suspension system, pinion steering and disc brakes as well. The presence of a five speed sequential gearbox comes complete with an automatic clutch, which will give it some wicked traits as you see it snarl like an angry beast while enjoying the complete functioning.

LEGO Land Rover is one creation which is bound to make eyes do a cartwheel in surprise. See onlookers swoon and wheeze as they rub their eyes in disbelief looking at how cool LEGO creations are and assembling these blocks is no child’s play.

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