LEGO Batjet X-Wing Fighter takes Batman to a galaxy far, far away

Gotham city, as depicted in the fictional world that Batman resides in, is pretty kickass on its own. But won’t it just be ever so fun if batman actually could use his genius in the intergalactic realm of Star Wars? Lego artists and Batman/Star Wars fan Kevin Ryhal decided to explore the possibility by creating a Batjet X-Wing Fighter that would help a character that possesses the qualities of both Batman and Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star.

LEGO Batman X-Wing Fighter

Taking fan fiction to a whole new level of imagination, Ryhal not only created an awesome Bat-X-Wing fighter jet out of Lego pieces but also created a brief but thought provoking back-story for the creation where the evil Darth Joker kills Bruce Skywalker’s uncle and aunt and the protagonist is prompted to learn the ways of the Force which help him to subsequently become the Bat Knight and he decided to become a vigilante to defeat the evil Empire and do some freelance crime fighting across the galaxy.

The creator did not say whether the said galaxy was the Milky Way or another one far, far away which is a bit disconcerting. Though the back-story is just phenomenal if you want to develop a completely new kind of superhero, we’re wondering whether the character of Robin would be developed as Mara Jade or Princess Leia.

Via: Technabob

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