Lego Airbus A380 with touchscreen controls

lego airbus a380

Displaying immaculate sculpting techniques, designer Ryan McNaught has come up with a stunning model of an A380, which is made entirely out of the Lego blocks. The Lego Airbus touts a fully detailed interior featuring scenes from five different movies, together with a range of landing gears and working engines that can be controlled by the computerized A380 control panel. You may retract the gear, open cargo doors, move the flaps, activate the landing lights, move the tail fin and control the engines with the help of a touchscreen computer. Everything seems to be attached perfectly in the Lego mock-up of the Airbus, apart from those creepy snakes on board that invariably raise the brows.

lego airbus a380 01
lego airbus a380 02
lego airbus a380 03
lego airbus a380 04
lego airbus a380 05
lego airbus a380 06
lego airbus a380 07
lego airbus a380 08
lego airbus a380 09
lego airbus a380 10

Via: Gizmodo/Ubergizmo

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