Lee Isherwood’s eco ONDA system to revolutionize public loos

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The movement for water conservation is really gaining ground and the first and most obvious target of the anti-wastage brigade is the toilet flush which is responsible for nearly a quarter of the household’s water usage. Innovations in loo technology has enabled homeowners to cut down on water waste in the home but the problem still remains a big issue for public lavatories and urinals. To remedy the situation designer Lee Isherwood has devised a revolutionary water-conservation system called ONDA that can be fitted to existing public sanitary ware. The unit can be installed in a corner or on a flat wall and features a hand-washing sink right next to the urinal itself. The water used in washing hands with the automated infra red sensor tap is used to clean out the urinal which instantly halves the water usage in such facilities.

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Source: Huddersfield 3D

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