LED Mood Light to make your spaces look all the more vibrant

led mood light

Lamps are an essential part of every household and, if crafted well, can change the aura of a room with their appeal. They not only act as a source of light but a decoration item as well. But, if you think that features and usage of a good illuminating source end here, then check out the LED Mood Light.

It has round features that make it look very cute. Normally, a lamp just glows in a single color but Mood Light has been injected with a quality to display 256 shades. Wow! Simply, move your hand over the touchscreen bar and settle for a color as per your taste and mood. If you are hungry for more than one hue, then there is the flexibility to pick multiple colors as well or let the lamp randomly shift from one shade to the other.

Convert your space into a discotheque or a background light while playing your favorite game, Mood Light will bow down to all your needs. The lamp is neither space consuming nor will burn a hole in your pocket. The LED lights will make sure you stay away from lengthy electricity bills. Place them in your office or house, and see these tiny yet dainty lamps melt in the surroundings immediately.

A must have piece of decoration to light away those blues and make your surroundings all the more colorful.

Via: Chinavasion

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