Handy LED light will let you work late nights

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With increasing workload and changed lifestyle, all nighters have become quite common nowadays. Burning the midnight oil, however, means disturbing your spouse or partner with whom you share the room. The LED Micro Task Light is a compact but functional lighting that users can clip onto their book, laptop or clipboard. The light features ‘arms’ and a rotating head, allowing the users to focus the light where they need it. The micro task light runs on three AAA batteries.

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Design Status:

The LED Micro Task Light is a ready product that is available from the Solutions website for $12.95.

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The LED micro task light is handy and it lasts longer than regular lamps, as it doesn’t produce any heat. Moreover, it comes with no filaments to break or wear out, so you need not replace the LEDs and it lasts forever. Apart from your room, it can also be used while traveling, by a car, train or plane, during the night.

Via: Geekalerts

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