LED display turns the ‘Second Skin’ wristwatch into a fashion accessory

second skin 01

Modern technology has paved the way for some of the sleekest gadgets that apart from being functional have also become a hi-tech accessory or fashionable jewelry for the stylish. Conceived by New York based designer Svetlana Blum, the “Second Skin” is an identical device that presents a unique blend of an accessory, jewelry and wristwatch. Made in PU, LED and metal, the concept watch presents two rows of LED lights, one displaying hours and the other minutes, to shows the exact time every five minutes. All the user need to do is touch the display, which illuminates the LED lights to demonstrate time and attract trendy users with its hi-tech design.

second skin 04
second skin 02
second skin 03

Designer: Svetlana Blum

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