Lean Bike Rack doubles as seat and triples as city map

lean bike rack
With increasing traffic on the city roads, bikes have emerged as the fastest mode of transportation of late, but only if you have a fair idea of the packed streets in the urban environment. Addressing the issue, designer Alex Diener has come up with an innovative bike rack that doubles as street furniture and triples as map of the neighborhood. Hailed as “Lean,” the bike rack not just ensures a proper parking and thus safety for your bikes, but also makes sure that you reach your destination with minimum fuss, no matter if you are new to the place. Accommodating up to three bikes of various sizes through its offset leg stance, the curved top of the rack forms a seat to make a call, wait for a cab or converse with friends. You can’t expect more than that from a bike stand!

lean bike rack 1
lean bike rack 2
lean bike rack 3

[Cheers Alex]

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