Lawrence Lek’s Pod is a lifelike pet for everyone

The Pod by designer Lawrence Lek has the power to leave everybody stunned, given its multi-faceted design and uniqueness. Just like an over lying pet, the large contraption just sits patiently and brings with it a very subtle approach to awarding you with its loyalty.

Pod sculpture

The Pod sculpture has been sculpted out of flexible plywood and the joints have been fixed together with bolts and screws. It’s like having a large dragon like pet, sitting and breathing light instead of the patented fire. The structural ability of the device lends the whole concept a flexible limit, making it a very user friendly object. One can easily transport the Pod with maximum ease and friendliness, all thanks to the easy installation guide it comes neatly equipped with. Though, the only limitation is that it needs two people to unleash its true power.

This is not all, for Lek has fitted the contraption with a Mac book camera, which senses the light changes in the surroundings with an Arduino hardware interfacing. The light changes award the Pod with such a pleasing interface, making it an instant hit with all age generations. The stretched canvas skin gives the Pod a life like apparition, giving one the feeling of having a life like pet breathing right next to you.

The Pod is a beauty when it comes to appeasing the living senses out of everyone around it. The light senses and the changes keep everyone busy and overawed. Definitely a pleasant sight for all hungry eyes.

Via: LawrenceLek

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