Latest digital cameras that show style and substance

Parrot Bebop Drone_1

Ever since the launch of the first digital camera, digital photography and the design of the digital cameras have witnessed a tremendous growth and development. Digital cameras have been extremely popular so much so that the smartphone makers are in a mad race to increase their camera megapixels and provide better picture quality.

Yet, it would be near impossible for any phone to actually compete with a digital camera made expressly for photography. This article contains information about the five best digital cameras which are the pioneers of innovative digital photography.

Leica T

Leica T:

Germany’s Leica is one of the best camera making companies of the world. Leica has come up with its latest digital camera Leica T, which has been designed with excellent craftsmanship and a very pure aesthetic appeal. It has been created out of a single aluminum block, and boasts a large touch screen with only the most necessary buttons and dials on it. The camera comes with an M adaptor and can be used with the M lenses thus connecting the past to future.

OTTO digital camera_1


GIFs have completely revolutionized our way of connecting and sharing on the internet, and OTTO is yet another masterpiece with an animated GIF feature designed to capture the moments from our daily life. Powered by the Raspberry Pi Computer, Otto can be easily accessed and hence is more correctly known as the “image machine”. The modes and operations of the camera can be managed by using a companion application. OTTO is Wi-Fi enabled and this makes it extremely easy to share and upload images.

Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop Drone

After the recent price drop in the consumer-level quadcopters, these machines have become increasingly popular. The Parrot Bebop Drone is expected to be launched very soon and is expected to be equipped with an HD camera to capture HD 1080 p video in a complete 180-degree field version.

Since it boasts a triple axis stabilization quality, there is no danger of the images being blurred due to strong winds or motion of the quadcopter. The landing of the camera has been made accurate by including a built-in GPS.

Ricoh WG-4GPS

Ricoh WG-4GPS

This camera has been designed to give you the best picture quality and the best shooting ability. It has been loaded with a large aperture and lenses that are capable to shoot even the deepest under-water regions with great efficiency and clarity. It captures 1080 HD videos and is perfect for geotagging and information such as altitude and depth below sea level. Above all, the camera is extremely sturdy and can easily withstand a 2 meter fall, can be taken 14 meters below sea level, is capable of handling a minus 10 degree Celsius temperature, and is crush proof too.

Cyclops Cameras Digital Diana

Cyclops Cameras Digital Diana

The latest model called Rhianna from Cyclops Cameras in UK. It is inspired by the classic plastic 35 mm Diana camera of the ‘60s, and matches those looks with the modern era technology that shows up in the Digital Diana camera. It is available with a CMOS sensor along with manual operation mode that is perfect to create a vintage shot. The camera is able to shoot HD video.


The popularity of the digital cameras has pushed the market to create better cameras, and more variants that appeal to the larger population, not just in terms of function, but also aesthetics, customization, and nostalgia.

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