Make laptops pump powerful bass with the Speaker Bar

Speaker Bar

Earlier we have computers, and then came the laptops that unfurled a whole new world in terms of mobile technology. They came wrapped with a freedom to be carried anywhere, without much effort. But, even these fully-equipped gadgets have loopholes. One such flaw is their inability to please music-lovers, as laptops fail to produce a high-quality sound. David Nomura has designed the Speaker Bar that will definitely please audiophiles.

The device looks like blades of an electric fan and vows to produce a powerful bass. The lightweight speaker will amplify the listening experience with its full-range capabilities. The Speaker Bar has been exclusively designed to be coupled with laptops. Users can convert their laptops into a powerful music player when at home or elsewhere. Simply, connect it to the handy speaker with the help of a USB cable and listen to it belting out your favorite playlist.

The Speaker Bar can be easily snapped apart for easy carrying. It can also be used separately with an MP3 player. Two AAA batteries will provide all the power for its functioning. Carry your complete music system when on the move and never compromise with the quality of sound. The Speaker Bar will enliven lives and make your soul dance with merriment.

Via: CargoCollective

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