Land Rover Unisex Garden Tools Concept: A lightweight tool with tasteful looks

Land Rover Unisex Garden Tools Concept

Gardening tools, like a lawnmower and hedge-trimmer are quite hefty and manly. They usually come dipped in a typical dull appearance, which acts as a repellent for onlookers for sure. Nowadays, people want everything they possess should look pretty, and gardening tools are no exception. Garryd Howells has come up with a beautiful, yet lightweight solution in the form of Land Rover Unisex garden tools concept.

The concept comprises of two indispensable gardening tools (lawnmower and hedge-trimmer), which add a new life to the green area of a house. Land Rover devices are comparatively compact, unlike conventional tools. They are collapsible and will consume minimum space during storage. Its small size makes the eye-catching concept favorable for people residing in small dwellings as well. The cost-effective product has been crafted from minimum molds and pieces. The engine has been swapped with practical battery packs that will cut the clumsiness of long electric wires. Simply, slide the charged battery and lock it into position. The battery is surrounded by rubber strips that protect the user from getting burnt. Apart from this, a mesh has been provided that rests between the white slats. This mesh helps to keep the battery cool during the entire operation.

The lawnmower will be available in a wide variety of colors and style. A user can flexibly customize one according to their preference and taste. The gender neutral device is easy to move, thanks to its lightweight construction. Hedge-trimmer also comes wrapped with the same fun elements and will attract a lot of youngsters who dread gardening tools. The battery can be easily charged on a docking unit inside the house. The battery has been concealed inside the product, giving it a clean look. Land Rover Unisex garden tools concept can be used by anyone and will manage to attract a lot of attention because of its sleek facade.

[Cheers Garryd]

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