Lancia Powerboat is a sports coupe among boats

lancia powerboat 01

Unveiled at the 2009 Venice Film Festival, the Lancia Powerboat is a collaborative work by Sacs, FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies), Martini and obviously Lancia that offers the comfort and style of a sports coupe in a boat. Designed by Christian Grande, the powerboat features a fiberglass hull and a folding, electric-powered hood that rises to protect the occupants from the flush, while the low profile emphasizes the sporting character of the vessel. Powered by a pair of FPT N67-560 engines (controlled by electronic levers) capable of generating 1120 horsepower, the boat can reach a top speed of 55 knots with a cruising speed of 15-45 knots.

Measuring 43 feet in length and 12.4 feet in width, the Lancia Powerboat includes a cabin to sleep two, a foldaway LCD television and a galley kitchen, and can accommodate up to 11 persons comfortably. The two sunbathing mattresses located on either side of the central walkway in the bow deck, together with the engine covers at the stern, creates sunbathing areas. Incorporating the RIB tubes into the hull, the Lancia Powerboat integrates rows of LEDs under the transom and front windscreen, which looks like modern Lancia car lights.

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Via: Autoblog/ Diseno-art

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