LAMACEK Lounger includes cushion made in 100% recycled plastic bottles

lamacek lounger 01

Designer furniture has already been an important aspect of home decor, but of late designers have made a big leap into sustainable or recycled materials to help users reduce their footprints. The “LAMACEK Lounger” is an identical seating that includes felt cushion made in 100% recycled plastic bottles. Featuring 1/8” rolled steel base with a powder coat finish, the lounger backs the cushion with a magnetic sheet to provide adhesion to the metal base, which can be removed for washing. Priced at $6780, the Lamacek lounger lets you rock in style.

lamacek lounger 03
lamacek lounger 04
lamacek lounger 05
lamacek lounger 06
lamacek lounger  02

Via: Lamacek

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