Lallang lets you see the unseen wind in the form of light

lallang wind light 01

Taking a clue from the nature’s element, Lallang is a light designed specifically to make out the invisible wind. Apt to the name, the wind light functions similar to those long lallang weeds that creates wave of ripples as the wind blows through the fields. Designed by Huang Yanying, the lamp is made using flexible acrylic rods which house LED underneath. With the wave of the wind, the LED lights up across the entire length of the rod. The transparent rods when placed in number sways back and forth in wind making visible the invisible. They would definitely look extremely cool during the night in your gardens or patios. It’s a nice idea to visualize wind motion on a small scale. Hit the jump to see the video of the Lallang in action.

lallang wind light1
lallang wind light2
lallang wind light3

Via: Led-emotionalize

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