Ladybird smart device controls all home appliances via Bluetooth

ladybird smart device 03

Drawing inspiration from the busy life of modern women, Bulgarian designer Desislava Sredkova has come up with a smart device that controls all home appliances via Bluetooth. The “Ladybird,” as the designer hails the device, apart from running your appliances comes equipped with features, including music, Wi-Fi, organizer, etc., of a smart gadget. The system comprises a mother device and two Bluetooth headsets, which (both of them) separate in two parts, i.e. the Bluetooth and the headset, so the Ladybird can be connected to an appliance with minimum fuss. The Ladybird relies on the mother device for charging. The headset is as elegant as it looks, rather becomes, a buzzing earring for the trendy.

ladybird smart device 02
ladybird smart device
ladybird smart device 01
ladybird smart device 04
ladybird smart device 05
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[Cheers Desislava]

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