KTM Motorbike Concept vrooms into superbike status

ktm motorbike concept  1

Inspired by low slung chopper seating positions, British designer Matt Williams has designed a superbike entitled “KTM Motorbike” that seems to pose a strong challenge to the styling and layout of contemporary motorbikes. Its hub-center steering system eliminates dive under breaking, and provides a more usable steering angle than telescopic forks while the center is more stable and predictable ride and a smaller turning core. KTM clutch cover and bodywork accent line visually break up the body and defines the KTM V twin engine concealed within the frame. The motorbike’s angular and dynamic design appears to arch forward, giving an illusion of motion to the bike’s aesthetic even while stationary.

ktm motorbike concept  2
ktm motorbike concept  3

[Cheers Matt]

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