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Krasula, a pop up bar to serve pierogi in NYC

Are you a bit peckish for some food truck grub? Then why not try some Polish flavored savories, which you can find in the busy and packed streets of New York City that typically sells hotdogs. Here is presenting Krasula, which is a pop-up pierogi bar. Pierogi is a very famous eastern European dish, which are actually dumplings shaped like half moon.

Krasula pop up pierogi bar

Bringing these mouth watering dumplings to the streets of NYC is Krasula, which will use farm fresh ingredients to serve rich roadside food. The pop up bar will be made using a shipping container, which can be folded for easy transportation. Even the walls can be snapped apart, which will create a spacious feel whenever required apart from easy transportability. When the front wall is folded down it acts as a floor where chairs/ stools can be kept for additional seating.

The menu has various options that have been elevated keeping in mind modern tastes. It will bow down to tastes of various people, be it vegetarian, vegan or gluten free demands. These yummy dumplings will come with different fillings and toppings, which can be chosen by people as per their taste and likings. The menu will be changed from time to time depending upon the season. Even with all these modern interpretation, traditional flavors have not been given a miss as one will get to eat traditional pierogi that comprises of cabbage, potato and cheese.

Everything from the basic design of the bar to the recipes/ sauces has been designed in an eye catching way. Even the plates on which food will be served have been taken care of in terms of styling. So, if you want to relish traditional pierogi, that too in NYC, then all you need to spot is Krasula.

Via: Studio 8010

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