KOR-fx from Immerz takes bass sound to a whole new level

KOR-fx concept

Though most of love our Blaupunkts and the high-powered bass they provide us with when we need to groove with our peeps, nobody has ever been a big fan of the window-pane thumping sound system when it is being used by someone else! Hypocritical as that fact is every-music lover worth their mp3 collection has to agree that cranking your amps up high to get the bass thumping through your bones is only fun when you a part of the party and not on the other side of the side of the street trying to finish writing your college essay! The problem of intrusively loud music being played by someone else is something that most of us have to encounter in our daily routines. To counter this problem, you can call up the cops and ask them to have the music tones down, but that is hardly a permanent solution to the persistent problem. Designer Grant Parrinello, however, has a simpler solution to the problem that would allow music lovers to get their fix of bass without disturbing anyone else.

Created by designer Shahriar Afshar, the KOR-fx sound system is manufactured and marketed by a company called Immerz and lets deep vibrations of bass explode right through you without hurting your ears (or anybody else’s for that matter). The KPR-fx is basically a very discreet system that picks up the signature frequencies in the sound tracks of music, movies and videogames, amplifies them accordingly and then sends the signals directly into your chest so you can feel the bass thumping through your chest.

Scientific research into acoustics has proven that by conning the brain this way allows the body to feel the sound more effectively and seamlessly than by the use of a sub-woofer on the ground. By manipulating neuro-pathways via innovative vibration paddles, the KOR-fx activates the same mechanism in the brain that is used when we are speaking, thus allowing us to “feel” the music as if it were originating within our own bodies.

Having been awarded several patents, the KOR-fx can be applied both to the field of entertainment as well as medicine though the company is primarily aiming it ay younger gamers and offering it as a way for gamers to immerse themselves in the simulated gaming environment.

Bass is an important part of the audio experience. It allows you to feel the sound rather than just hear it. The Kor-fx unit creates the effect of intense bass without having to increase the volume on the sound system. By vibrating and causing reverberations throughout the air-filled chest cavity, it turns the body into a sub-woofer activating specific brain-body pathways which the mind associates with the self. It makes movies games and other sounds more immersive and visceral thus fooling the brain into thinking that the sound is emerging from within the body.

Via: Grant Parrinello

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