Komodo Poker Tables – A must for urban homes

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There is definitely no replacement for the original non-automated kind of poker table. Many Poker players still prefer it over the high-tech, all-automatic, no-chips, no cards style. For the authentic poker fun right in your den, here’s a table that dares to create something unique, leaving conventions behind and awakening passion for the game of poker. Designed for serous player, Komodo Tables are meant to enhance the ‘casino experience’ of your home game. Completely handcrafted and customized to your taste and expectations, these poker tables can be put out of sight when not in use. Essentially handy, this feature of folding legs is a must for urban homes where space is a prime deterrent to house a poker table.

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So be it an oval, stretched octagon or a hexagonal one, any of them will provide the look and the feel of the casino experience without busting your entertainment budget or taking up too much space in your home. Each table can accommodate various card games like Stud, Draw, Texas Hold’Em, and others.
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Just be sure of what you want and they can give you a sturdy poker table in an array of styles and colors.

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