Kitchen concepts for modern urban homes

Kitchen is the most valuable and crucial room of the house and is the soul of the house. Everybody wants the kitchen to be neat, clean and modern so that the food is cooked faster and healthier. As we all know many people desire to have modern, trendy, convenient and dynamic kitchen for their house and now their desire will be fulfilled. There are many sizzling concepts for the modern kitchens, designed by the designers for your beautiful house. We have few kitchen concepts for modern urban homes that will surely thrill you all.

Sheer bubble

Sheer bubble is the blazing round concept for modern urban homes. This is small sized modern kitchen with only five feet diameter. This awesome kitchen is portable and handy and can be placed anywhere in the apartment. The sheer bubble contains a double sink and cooking area with four infrared burners and pull out table made up of steel and aluminum. This small orb also contains a germicidal waste trolley. The upper part of the orb is translucent in nature and glazes when it is closed. Thus the small and wonderful kitchen has strong and stylish look and have the capacity to attract people towards the orb. Well it has no price as yet but the price will be whooping like a high tide.

Porsche Design P 7340 Ultra Modern Kitchen from Poggenpohl

When the Poggenpohl Company collaborated with well known company Porsche, both the company came up with the new concept of 911 GT3 of kitchens. The modern kitchen includes aluminum cabin with counter tops made up of black glass and granite. The modern kitchen is also enhanced with audio video system and built in multimedia LCD module so that the glass surfaces receive sound and images. It is embedded with sound system of analog to digital connection which would serve the people over the optional dinner table, who doesn’t want to miss their favorite show. This modern kitchen does not require thermal ventilation. Now you all will be able to enjoy the aura of the P 7340 Ultra modern kitchen with a tinge of music or video. The price of this awesome kitchen is around $85000-$2000,000

Private Kitchen Island

Private Kitchen Island designed by the great minds from Ernestomeda is an innovative and dynamic concept of the modern kitchen for urban houses. This stylish and novel kitchen concept consists of dual sinks, overhead lightening, cook top, counter space for food preparation, drawers, serving bars and most special Solaris standalone counter. For the visual impact and design the kitchen is featured with wood, stainless steel with durable corian.

Space Age Kitchen

Snaidero USA has the coolest and dynamic modern kitchen in the new Acropolis circular series kitchens designed by Pininfarina. This awesome space age kitchen is made up of highly advanced automotive engineering technology. The material used for the kitchen is Lightweight sandwiched aluminum that is 40% lighter than the simple aluminum and can be molded and rounded. its price will be around $185,000, although its a huge amount but the space age kitchen is worth it.

The Glen Beck Armageddon Kitchen Collection

Altera design studio has designed the Glen Beck Armageddon Kitchen Collection that may be the best alternative for dynamic and modern kitchen far the future. This kitchen is designed for the epidemic of global shortage of food and clean water and habitable areas in the future. It will make sure to ration food and water and provide enormous shelter during chaos and epidemic.

Concept kitchen-Jackson Design

Jackson design kitchen won the CearserStone’s National Dream Kitchen Design Contest. This sizzling kitchen contains dark mahogany cabins with metallic tiles and counter tops made up of white CeaserStone. The unique style and aesthetic of the kitchen will make the users ecstatic with joy. The abstract range hood is awesome creation of the designer.

Concept kitchen minimalist

Now your children and grandchildren may not worry bother about the kitchen as minimalist concept of kitchen promises durable and green kitchen.The Italian kitchen design company, Valcucine designed a minimalist concept of kitchen. This monochromatic creation is stylish with green concept. For the creation of kitchen the light weight aluminum is used that can finally be reused. The company’s idea of Eco friendly kitchen is a sizzling concept and the kitchen will be durable and used forever.

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