Kisai LED Watch keeps you in touch with time at night

Kisai Night Vision LED Watch

Tokyoflash Japan is once again out with a brand new LED Kisai watch, which is specially designed to keep you in touch with time during the night even when it is pitch dark without any nearby source of light. With the aim of bringing concepts to reality, this new idea amalgamates LED technology with night visibility.

What makes this watch unique is its new design that uses stark color combinations appropriate for facilitating visibility. All watches commonly use matte black for the base color in contrast with blue, green and red as subsidiary colors. The Dial of the watch is in the shape of a hexagon and the operation buttons are placed on the angular sides free of the strap.

Unlike any other typical wristwatch, whose dial consists of different sized hands that move in accordance to time, this new Kisai watch uses flashing lights to indicate time, which follow the conventional time display technique. Different status of light indicates different functions; the flashing light in the dial indicates hours, and minutes are displayed as digital centers.

This watch comes with a distinguished feature that it can be recharged exactly like a USB devise, by plugging into the USB socket of your computer. The only thing that needs to be remembered is that it should be charged for at least 3.5 hours and then it will efficiently last for a month.

Most of the time consumers are highly satisfied with a product that provides them with multiple uses. The latest night watch from Tokyoflash comes with many added features like alarm, adjustable strap and date display. Also one very important feature is that of light up animations which predominantly helps in visibility at night. It flashes at a regular interval of 15 minutes, so you need not to press buttons every time you want to access time on your watch.

Given the above unique features that make the Kisai night LED watch, it is justified that it stood in a good stead with consumers who liberally voted in favor of this watch.

Via: Tokyoflash

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