Kisai Seven demonstrates time by pulsating rings of light

A trendy design with two effervescent light rings and LEDs around your wrist has been brought into existence as Kisai Seven. The creative imagination has given a modern look to what is basically a simple wrist watch. The design is eccentric but reading time at a glance is as easy as in any other analog watch where the two highlighted rings in the watch point to the hours and minutes.

LED Watch

The hour hand is represented by the inner ring and minute hand is represented by the outer ring. There is a dark segment in both the rings that literally points to the time. The dazzling lights around the wrist are not just for show and demonstrate the exact minute by lighting up in sections. Suppose if it’s 9 o’clock then the inner dark section will point at 9 and outer dark section at 12. To be more precise the lights above and below the circle specify 1-4 minutes.

The watch is curved beautifully to fit over your wrist and the strap exhibits polyurethane make with a butterfly clutch at the back. Band can be adjusted cleverly by simply cutting the polyurethane strap to any size to fit your wrist. This could be easily done at home using some simple tools or you can ask your local jewelers to lend a hand, making it fit both small as well as large wrists. Each and every part of the watch including the case, strap and LED display has been independently custom designed. The limited edition watch with blue and white LEDs guarantees uniqueness and perfection.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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