Kingdom Tower: Saudi Arabia to build the world’s tallest building

Kingdom Tower

Skyscrapers have always been a sight of fantasy. These tall structures literally pierce through the sky and leave onlookers staring in disbelief. Dubai is known for its architectural marvels, which includes Burj al Arab and the very recent Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building). It has a rich collection of buildings and structures that have become an important symbol of Dubai. But, how tall is tall? Confused! Saudi Arabia is out to grab the world’s tallest skyscraper status, which will surpass the height of Burj Khalifa by 173 meters.

These oil-rich nations have always been seen competing with each other when it comes to buildings. Kingdom Tower is a fresh example for this. It will be erected on the outskirts of the Red Sea Port city, Jeddah. The structure will be over 1,000 meters and will require an overall construction area of 530,000sqm. The sumptuous tower will be built at a whooping cost of $1.2 billion. It will include a luxury hotel, serviced apartments, office space, world’s highest observatory and luxury condominiums. The glitzy mixed-use structure will be completed in the coming five years and without a second thought become the pride and joy of $20 billion Kingdom City Development.

Kingdom tower has been designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill architecture based in Chicago. Further, a deal has been signed with the Saudi construction BinLaden Group to bring the luxury tower to life. While Dubai was still celebrating for owning the tallest building, its neighbor divulged an even taller plan and snatched the tag in the form of Kingdom Tower.

Via: Archdaily

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