Kingdom Royal: Loudspeakers that let out waves of magnificence

kingdom royal

Music has always managed to soothe our senses. It has the magic to switch us from a tranquil to a party mood and vice versa in no time. Living up to its aristocratic offerings Tannoy is out with a flagship loudspeaker christened as The Kingdom Royal. The loudspeaker has been aesthetically designed out of fine quality materials and incorporates technology that is modern.

It has the aura of Tannoy etched all over with new reference components and an essential new cabinet. Its acoustic engineering is the finest in the world. Kingdom Royal surpasses all available loudspeakers in the acoustic performance, ultra-low coloration, high efficiency and musical integrity category and emerges as a clear winner. The façade comes enveloped with high gloss wood that sprinkles grains of richness on The Kingdom Royal. 12in Dual Concentric™ driver has been clubbed with 3in HF dome and compression motor that has been swathed with Italian leather trim.

Starting from the materials till the technology everything yells top grade superiority with a streak of luxury. So, if you love opulence and want all that you own should be carved in a fine manner then Tannoy’s Kingdom Royal is waiting to find a spot at your place.

kingdom royal 01

Via: Tannoy

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