One of a kind Optism Optical Illusion Car for Volkswagen

This amazing roadster looks sleek and progressive but surprisingly flippant with very unnatural looks. It will remind you of futuristic autos from sci-fi flicks or the toy car your little one plays with. The fun design is quite thrilling and functions have also been improvised in this new version. But still there are many downsides to this playful model designed by Sangwoo Lee for his diploma thesis project. The designer is a student of transportation design program at HBK Braunschweig Germany.

Volkswagen optical illusion car

The horizontal wedges give the car an unparalleled look. They add a really fancy touch to its appearance as the car looks distinctive when viewed from different angles. The lines practically run all over the chassis. You see them on the body, except for the top half, and also on the wheels. Onlookers will surely feel stunned when they see this one whizzing around on the road. Optical illusions are cool when you see them on paper or on your computer screen. But when you apply the concept in 3D and that too on a moving auto, things can get tricky. Hopefully, this novel design will not make the driver inside also go fuzzy.

The piece however will give you advantage when you are racing with others. Competition will definitely get hazy and slow down if they spot your car anywhere on the track. Getting serious, the chances of this one hitting the road are slim. If it veers on the road with other regular cars, the drivers alongside will surely get tizzy, which will heighten the possibility of accidents. But all witticisms apart, cutting edge technology and designer art has gone into materializing this nifty piece. The unique design is born from visual kinetics and optical art. Thus, it has been rightfully dubbed as Volkswagen Optimism.

Via: Technabob/ Uber Gizmo/ Sangwoo Design

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