Kim Myung Hyun’s A intersection B furniture is fully personalizeable

How do you make a basic set of tables, chairs and a lamp more interesting without going through the process of actually adorning it with hand carvings? Well, Kim Myung Hyun found a way to get the furniture to fit together to create interesting shapes to make sure his line of absolute basics could sell for a higher price. According to the Korean designer, the new line called “A intersection B” is designed in a way that allows it to be combined and fitted together to create a number of interesting and unusual combinations and shapes.


Depending on the situation, each element in the collection can be fitted into another to make the best use of space while presenting a very personalized interpretation of interior design. Usually, people use stackable or foldable designs to make their furniture more suited to versatile use and design conditions though Hyun wanted something intrinsically different and modernist. To allow people to optimize their floor space while creating a design that reflected their own personal taste, he created this range of furniture that allows them to do the same.


The entire line comprises of a book-box, a desk, a stool, a tea table and a black stand. These basic elements can be combined to create more than 20 different styles of furniture by sharing the legs or attaching a transparent leg to create the illusion of a surface being suspended in mid-air. Since all the elements were designed to be completely functional when used independently, they offer a great degree of usability even they have been combined together to create a new kind of furniture. The collection has been created in a range of stunning colors that allow them to create a stunning visual impact as well.

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