Kicker Outdoors, camping gear with a rain fly, hammock and kayak seat

Here is a piece of good news for people who love camping and kayaking at the same time. Designer Elyse Larouere has come up with an awe-inspiring camping gear, which has fetched some heavy inspiration from Kicker brand. Christened Kicker Outdoors, the camping gear comprises of a kayak seat, a hammock and a rain fly, all packed in one.

Kicker Outdoor

The designer made sure that she brought out the noticeable style language and aggressive lines of the Kicker Brand. The color yellow has been used in the product that indicates from where to enter the hammock. Folding the fly has been made easy because of the presence of color fields created by lines that will guide the user when it comes to storing the fly in the carrying pouch after folding. Water is prevented from entering the fly as all the seams have been double stitched.

The hammock and kayak seat of the Kicker Outdoors incorporates an inflation system. The need of another ground pad is deleted because of the presence of an inflated pad which has been crafted in a way to perfectly fit inside the hammock. The pad won’t slither out of the hammock as it will be fixed along the central line. When the seat is adjusted and attached with the help of auxiliary clips, it easily doubles as a camping seat. The seat can also be effortlessly used with sit-on-top kayak because of the presence of straps that are adjustable in nature.

Kicker Outdoors is as aggressive as its design and will be a delight for all campers and kayaking enthusiasts.

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